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¡E The features of PH WATER
¡½PH WATER can certainly dissolve sulfation to the limit.
¡@(Because of industrial uses, it can be last for long time.)
¡½ Add into PH WATER while battery is new, and that can extend the life of the battery to 2 times.
¡@(It slashes costs.)
¡½ PH WATER can remove sulfation and remain in the battery even if plates generate new sulfation during every charge.
¡@(Plates always keep the best electric conductivity toward using 10 years even more.)
¡½ The effects of PH WATER can maintain 1~1.5 years.
¡@(Adding suitable PH WATER into each plate per 1.5 years)
¡½ Different specific gravity of each plate with a battery which need to be replace can back to 1.26 ~1.28 in the new state.
¡@(Keep normal value so that it can be deeper and stable charge-discharge)
¡½ The CCA values would be increased substantially.
¡½ While sulfation crystallization are dissolved, it forms film to protect plates from breakage and separating.
¡@(To avoid leads separation from shaking and over-charge)
¡½PH WATER can be restored as long as battery belongs non-physical damages.
¡½Adding PH WATER into a battery of cars in use and continuously working in the 1200 rotation above 2 hours, after three weeks, it can show results.
¡@(PH WATER has immediate and continuting effects.)
¡½PH WATER isn¡¦t strong-acid. You don¡¦t hurt by directly touching with your fingers.
¡@(Abandoning PH WATER into oceans or lakes can be natural decomposition by microorganism. And it doesn¡¦t cause any toxic gases or harmful substances during ignited.)
¡½Considering environmental protection, we made small pack to conveniently carry and a little PH WATER just shows the results.
¡@(No irritant and you can place PH WATER into the car for emergency. It also has safety labeling in overseas.)
¡½After adding PH WATER, the discharge time of battery is significantly extended, so that cars which do not need high-power load can easily start the power, therefore, it will a little fuel your vehicle consumes.
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