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E The main reason for disused battery
90% spent lead-acid batteries cant be used because of "sulfation crystallization". When plates generate sulfation crystallization (non-conductive crystalline film) during lead-acid batteries are discharging, sulfation is a very soft material at the moment so that it can be dissolved into the electrolyte by rapidly charged. Theoretically, the phenomenon should be operated continuously.

@@However, due to long-term set aside (in discharging condition), sulfation will become harder and doesnt return into electrolyte. Sulfation crystallization on the surface of plates will causeK..

1. The deterioration of battery power.
2. Electric capacity decreases.
3. Become harder to charge.
4. Become harder to discharge.

@@Above are probably situation even happened

@@Generally speaking, the lead-acid batteries capacity after using 3 years would decrease to 60%, if the batteries dropped to below 50%, they cant recharge anymore to be spent batteries.
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