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     From now on, human must face the common difficult problem of global warming, disasters, insufficient energy¡K¡KAt such bad factors, human raise environmental consciousness for protecting the Earth. As an individual on Earth, we should also do our bit for Earth. Lead-acid battery with high electric power is mainly used all over the world so that it produces about 3,000,000,000 spent batteries per year.
¡EA battery can make lose the use value permanently in 1 square meter soil .
¡EA battery can make 600 tons water to be polluted¡Mthat equals one person¡¦s lifetime of potable water quantity.
     General life time of a lead-acid battery is about 2~4 year, so it will massively produce spent batteries in the long-term. Therefore, for dealing with such plenty of spent batteries, we reduce levels of environmental pollution as far as possible.
     We are environmental protection, energy conservation regeneration science and technology industry on lead-acid battery regeneration. This technique has good reputation to apply to business group in Japan for a long time. We are established combined resources of Taiwan and Japan collective financing in July, 2009.
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